About our company

  Every home needs to be secure, durable and comfortable. All of this characteristics are equally important to people. Thanks to 21st century technologies we can reach the Best results for our needs.

  Coroff.inc - is the window replacement company, created by experienced professionals whose main idea is to bring outstanding skills along with incredible quality product to all customers.

  We work with several local manufacturers that give as capability to maintain competitive price in addition to fast and reliable services. Whenever you need help whith your window project our technician can meet you on site for measuring and free estimate. Our installers are ready for job of any size all year around. Huge variety of windows style and configuration, we have, will satisfy any residential or lighte commercial property. 

  We carry all necessery insurances and bonds, and standing behind every step of every project, offering limited lifetime product and labor warranty. 

  100% Customer satisfaction is our top goal, and will do everything to deliver our promises, to earn you trust, to make you happy.